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This is the new homepage of Savage Elve

This site is under construction.

It"s built entirely from scratch

This CMS has among others a language-system, theme-system, MySQL-base and admin-interface.

(It also serves as a portfolio, so that"s why the bragging is for. ;) )


Update on tutorial for Carmageddon on Linux
Recently I started experimenting again with Carmageddon 2 on Linux and I have added some more tips and tricks to the Carmageddon2 Linux Tutorial to make this work.
Added : Monday 16 August 2010 by wendy

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Added Sunday 22 March 2015 by : Kali

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Mail contact
Het lijkt er op dat de mail functie op deze site niet helemaal betrouwbaar werkt. Deze site is al sinds 2003 niet meer aangepast en omdat ik van plan ben om een heel nieuwe site (op dit domein) bte bouwen, ga ik dat ook niet meer aanpassen.
Als je contact wil kun je dat het beste doen naar:
elve at savage-elve.ne
Added : Saturday 09 January 2010 by wendy

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Added Saturday 05 January 2013 by : Visitor


Some news
It's been a long time since my last update here.

I'm working now in a function as webdeveloper for a small company in 't Gooi area (nearby Amsterdam).

This site will be entirely rebuild in the near future. The information (most notably the Carmageddon downloads and tutorials) will always be available
Added : Thursday 13 March 2008 by Elve

Looking for a job
I'm looking for a job as PHP-developer.
I don't have education or certificates for ICT, but this website is entirely built by me.
besides of that i have expert level user experience with Linux and Windows desktop, and basic experience with Linux server, Apache, Windows NT server and 2003.
I do have technical education for mechanical enigineering on MTS-level and a year on HTS-level.

In 't Gooi area, Netherlands, between Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Please, use the contact form to request for a CV.

Micro$oft Linux
Added : Thursday 19 July 2007 by Elve

Finally some news on this site.
Finally some news on this site.Not much is happening right now on this site, but this might soon change again.

For now you might be interested to have a look on my blog about (hopefully) interesting Dutch trivia on my Netherlandish blog.

Or have a look at my homeserver where i put some small collections of interesting images like this series of special policecars.
Because of lack of space i can't put these albums on the main site.

Since my homeserver isn't at the place what i call home now, the main site will be used for some updates and experimenting.

Added : Thursday 12 July 2007 by Elve

Tutorials added
Tutorials addedThe tutorials from the old site are added now. But if you look at the 'last update' date they're a bit outdated, but hopefully still useful.

I also added a new one about running Carma2 on Linux. sunglasses
Added : Tuesday 21 November 2006 by Elve

All downloads available
All downloads availableFinally all downloads are available now. Other things will follow

I also added some downloads wich seemed to be missing, lately, like the Mammoet Transport.

I even added a compatibility-script wich will redirect direct links to the former Postnuke-site to the appropriate download. sunglasses
Added : Saturday 18 November 2006 by Elve

New site
Finally i uploaded my new site.

There's hardly any content, yet but all the content of the old site (downloads, tutorials) will be added soon.

All downloads will be available from tomorrow (CET)

And a more exciting theme will be added later. Wink

if you're looking for something have a look at the former site.
Added : Friday 17 November 2006 by Elve

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Added Wednesday 18 July 2007 by : ZiomPL

wiecie co zrobic rzeby samohody kture sciongnolem z neta do carmageddona 2 co trzeba zrboic rzeby jezdzily ? wie ktos wiem ze to angielskie forum ale chce wiedziec co trzeba zrobic

Added Saturday 03 March 2012 by : Anoniempje

help!!!!!! hoe kan ik carma terug spelen op een hedendaagse pc 1 of 2
kan er nie aan uit